Apparently I’m on a ‘things I miss…’ tour here. Don’t know who those people are, but I love me a shot of the Hanckock Building and some Boston fall colors. Someday I’ll get back there…

This has a bit of an HDR quality to it- that wasn’t intentional, and I’m not sure I like it. Just goes to show how far a man will go to get a Boston pic up on his photoblog…


Hoo Boy.

This was from fall of ’06. Hard to believe that was 7 years ago. I went out on a beautiful little 30′ sloop with two of the stagehands from the San Francisco Opera, where I was doing my grad school internship at the time. We set off from Treasure Island, which is near the Bay Bridge (the one that connects Oakland and SF), and headed out in thick fog under the Golden Gate into the Pacific. It was a great day- beautiful weather after the fog cleared, we saw some porpoises, and a great sunset as well.

The day almost ended in tragedy- the engine died as we were headed back in and there was no wind. We started drifting towards the cliffs off of the Muir Woods on the north side of the bay. Scary stuff. We got a tow though, and all was well.

It’s good to post some memory shots- something I think I could stand to do more of. I’ve had a lot of awesome and crazy experiences over the years. Maybe it’s time to post a few more of them.